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Social justice is at the core of who we are. It was important to us here at The Urban Hound to start giving back from the get-go! So since our inception, we’ve worked to narrow down pressing issues that are important to us and expand our causes to help those who need our help. 

Our most significant causes are those that are often brushed aside by most. Our battle is against indifference, and we would love for you to become part of that change today.

Learn more about our efforts and how working together can make a lasting impact! Contact us if you’d like more information on how to donate or volunteer. 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @theurbanhoundbr or on our Upcoming Events page to find out more about when and how we are spotlighting our efforts. Making a positive difference has never been so easy.

Stay tuned as we add more worthy causes.

Pets for Life
Baton Rouge

Poverty and structural inequality create obstacles to affordable veterinary and pet wellness services similar to the challenges and barriers to accessing healthy food, education, jobs, health care and housing.

The Companion Animal Alliance Pets for Life program aims to remove those barriers by bringing veterinary care, supplies and information directly to the underserved communities. 

In June 2017, CAA began strategic outreach in 70805 and 70802, Baton Rouge’s most under-served
community where 38% of residents live below poverty. Since that time Pets for Life Baton Rouge has provided services for over 2,000 pets.

For information regarding how you can support Pets for Life Baton Rouge, please contact PFLBR Program Manager, Paula Shaw at

Rescue Rehome Repeat Logo.png
Rescue. Rehome. Repeat!
of South Louisiana

Rescue Rehome Repeat of South LA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of RRR of South LA is to raise awareness of the plight of animals in southeastern Louisiana, to teach and foster good pet parenting practices as well as to promote spay and neuter programs to help alleviate the need to destroy healthy and adoptable pets.

They believe they can accomplish this mission through our community outreach and education programs. The RRR of South LA primarily takes in owner surrender animals which are headed to an animal control facility or from kill shelters located in Livingston, EBR , WBR and Ascension Parishes - when contacted directly by a shelter director.

Rescue Rehome Repeat of South Louisiana is a pediatric, pregnant and critical care, in home fostering program that is dedicated to finding forever homes for abandoned and displaced animals while educating the public to be more responsible pet owners.

Want to help? Click here to find ways to support RRR of South La.


Why Get Your Rear in Gear.jpg
Get Your Rear In Gear Baton Rouge

Get Your Rear in Gear events around the country focus on raising awareness about colon and rectal cancer, our nation’s second leading cause of cancer death, and to encourage individuals of all ages to get screened. The Urban Hound family has been impacted directly by this very preventable disease. It is important to us to help get the word out. No one is comfortable talking about their poop habits but avoiding it can be deadly.


The goal of the GYRIG effort is to increase awareness of this most preventable and treatable of cancers and raise money for efforts to improve screenings and support for those touched by this cancer in the Baton Rouge area. Our partner in this effort, the Colon Cancer Coalition, is a national organization that helps oversee our efforts and provide guidance and support.


The 2020 GYRIG event was virtual, but we are hoping to be able to be back in business for a live event in 2021. March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, but you can donate all year long. If you are interested in learning more or you want to donate, please  visit  

If you want to be more intimately involved. We'd love it if you'd join Tavia's Team - TC's Turn the Other Cheek or donate directly through our team via

But most important...listen to your body and know the symptoms. Get yourself screened if it's time and don't ignore anything that is out of the ordinary for you.


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