Sherpa Dog Blanket

Sherpa Dog Blanket


Sleep, It's What They Do.™


Part of the Dream Chaser™ series, the Sherpa Dog Blanket is made with your pet in mind. As your pup rests & recovers in between adventures, they will nestle, burrow, & snuggle to their heart's desire in their blanket. Fashioned in exquisitely soft baby-fleece material, our dog blankets are a great addition to any dog's bed, crate, or favorite sleeping spot. This blankets also serves as furniture protectors to capture unwanted pet hair & can be used as a cover for your dog's bed to maintain a clean sleep environment. Not to mention, our blankets also make for great first gifts, whether you are bringing a puppy or rescue dog home for the first time. Make their transition to a new home easier with their very own blanket that they can travel with & bring along all the familiar scents of home with them.


  • Mindfully-made dog blanket in 2 sizes: 30" x 40" and 40" X 60"
  • Keeps your dog comfortable and secure in between adventures, whether at home, at camp, or on-the-go
  • Protect furniture or add an extra layer of comfort to your pup's favorite sleeping spot
  • Machine wash and dry for easy clean up
  • 100% polyester with a non-leather corner & decorative patch.
  • Sizes

    Small - 30 x 40

    Large - 40 x 60