Safe Fit Bully Sticks

Safe Fit Bully Sticks

  • DESIGNED FOR THE BULLY BUDDY: Bow Wow Labs Thick bully sticks are hand-selected to fit in the Bully Stick Holder. ALWAYS use the Bully Stick Holder (found in Fun Stuff) when giving dog Bully Sticks!
  • NATURALLY SOURCED: Made from 100% all-natural, grass-fed, free-range beef that your dog will love. A great alternative to rawhide or manufactured chews!
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY: Our bully sticks are oven-baked without added preservatives, chemicals, or hormones.
  • PROMOTES DENTAL HEALTH: Daily chewing is great for teeth and gums, and helps to remove plaque and tartar.
  • Size

    Thin - Recommended for dogs < 15 pounds

    Midsize - Recommended for dogs 15 - 30 pounds

    Thick - Recommended for dogs 30 - 75 pounds

    Jumbo - Recommended for Dogs > 75 pounds


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