Hyper Pet Flying Pig

Hyper Pet Flying Pig

SKU: 0106EA

Watch out y'all...pigs are flying around here!


Introducing Hyper Pet's Flying Pig Slingshot Dog Toy for fun time outdoors with your canine companion!


The Flying Pig is a thumb-released slingshot style toy that launches up to 100 feet! As a bonus, it floats. Provides hours of fetching and chasing fun. Hyper Products are made with durable fabrics that are tough but made to be soft on your dog's mouth.

› Thumb released slingshot dog toy with squeaker

› Made with durable ballistic material

› Bungy neck launches toy up to 100 feet!

› Meets or exceeds child toy safety standards

› Floats in water for summertime fun!


Made from non-toxic vinyl covering, ensuring high quality and durability. This quality product is strong but not indestructible.