1.5" Flat Collar

1.5" Flat Collar


At the Urban Hound, we believe the primary purpose of a dog collar is safety; however, we also believe each pup should be able to express their personality through their wearable accessories.


Flat collars are great for all breeds, except those who can easily slip out of their collar. It is an ideal collar for pups with larger heads. Flat collars should be snug, yet not tight. When the collar is appropriately fitted for your pup you should be able to slide two fingers under the collar with ease. If the collar is too loose, it can get caught on objects and be dangerous for your pup. Additionally, ill-fitting collars are easy for the pup to slip out of the collar.


All of our collar hardware is metal for durability, safety, and style.

  • Sizing

    For a collar to be safe, operate effectively and look optimal, it needs to fit properly.  A proper fit begins with a correct measurement of your pups’ neck. In order to measure your pups’ neck:

    • Use a soft measuring tape and measure around the neck where the collar would naturally sit.
    • Make sure the measuring tape is not too tight, by sliding two fingers between it and your pups’ neck. 
    • If you do not have a soft measuring tape, you can use a piece of rope or string and place it around your pups’ neck, allowing space for two fingers. Take the rope/string and lay it on a flat surface then measure it.
    • This is the size of your pups’ neck and your custom collar will be made from this measurement.
    • Enter this measurement in inches in the field below the color choices. 
    • Custom products are not returnable, so if you have questions please contact us for guidance.

    All collars are adjustable. When the collar arrives, you will need to adjust it to your pup, once again leaving room to slide two fingers between the collar and your pups’ neck.

  • A Few Notes About Handmade Items

    All collars are handmade and may contain small imperfections. We strive for consistency in our products, but be aware that pattern placement and stitching may vary on each collar.