Calming Bars

Calming Bars

SKU: PND20275

Our natural solutions from Petipet is human-grade with limited ingredients creating the healthiest and most effective functional treats and supplements for our dogs.


More than just treats, our bars are a delicious way to address many common quality of life issues that our dogs face. From Allergies to Anxieties, Petipet's Bars are a safe and natural supplement to your pup's diet.


Without the need for chemicals or medical sedation, organic hemp and chamomile efficiently enable a dog’s instinctive calming response to promote a peaceful disposition during separation anxiety or systemic stress.



  • These Calming Bars have been proven to naturally relax your pup and alleviate stress and anxiety symptoms in dogs.
  • Whether it's a fireworks show, noisy neighbors, separation anxiety or just a finicky pup; these Calming Bars are there to bring some peace and comfort into your house. 
  • Ingredients

    • Simple. Carrots and Apples fortified with Hemp, Chamomile and Passion Flower produce an effective and healthy Calming solution.
    • Our product is produced in a human food facility, with certified human-grade ingredients.
    • The product is never cooked, so the Hemp and Chamomile calming agents don't lose any potency from the heat.


  • Human Grade

    Calming Bars are made in a human food manufacturing facility in the United States. We subject every ingredient and process that goes into Petipet Bars to the same food safety and quality auditing as any USA manufactured human food product. If we wouldn't eat it, we wouldn't feed it to your dog!